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Keypad Electronic Locks

 Keypad Electronic Locks


Homes and businesses will find the electronic keypad locks to be more efficient and less expensive. For the homeowner, keypad locks are great for those who have a habit of losing their keys, or for kids who do not like carrying around a key. Businesses will save money with keypad locks, because as their employees change, they do not have to have locks re-keyed or new keys made.

Benefits of Electronic Keypad Locks


Keypad locks are easy to use and provide safety for the businesses or home. Locks are unlocked by using an electronic keypad and the use of a code for entrance. The conveniences of keyless locks to businesses and homeowners is not having to carry keys around, or worrying about them getting lost.


With traditional locks, if a key is lost, a locksmith would need to be called in order to gain access and have more keys made. Many homeowners will hide a key in a flowerpot or above the door, but this would also allow access to thieves once they find the key. Keyless locks allow owners to share the code with those who have the authority to be in your building or home. Keypad door locks are ideal for businesses with a large number of employees.

There are no cylinders in an electronic lock to be picked or broken, for a thief to gain access inside. This feature provides better security for homes and businesses. The locks do not need any special tools in order for the codes to be changed. The codes can be changed whenever it is necessary and the security of the home or business is always protected.


Electronic Keypad Lock Options


Computers can change the access code for electronic keypad locks. This gives business owners the advantage of easily maintaining who has access at all times into their building. Homeowners can change their access code even when they are away from the home. Keypad locks can also be used on WIFI equipment to give extra security for the technology system in the home.


Vacationing homeowners may want the extra security of changing their code while they are gone. They can then reprogram the keypad back to their original code when they return. The flexibility of being able to change the code is great for homeowners who have work being done in their homes.


The workers can be given a code for the days they need to gain entrance into the home and then the code can be changed back once they are done. This way the homeowner can schedule technicians for repair jobs without having to give them a key to their home. The security of the home is not compromised when using a keypad lock.


Electronic locks can also come with a card reader so employees can be tracked as to when they come or leave and in which part of the building they are in at any given time. As an employee is terminated, then his or her number is taken out of the memory of the lock. This save companies from always having to reissue keys to their employee’s.


keypad lock for entry

Keypad lock

Other Convenient Features of Keypad Locks:


  • Doors can lock automatically once a person leaves or comes into the home
  • keypad locks are great for storage rooms or offices
  • children can not open the door without the password
  • no programming is needed after the password has been established
  • installation is easy and maintenance is minimal


Electronic locks also come in an assortment of finishes that will compliment the exterior or interior of your home or business. Electronic locks can be used on front or back doors, garages, secured on pool entrances or anywhere security is needed.

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