Fiberglass vs Metal or Wood Doors



Fiberglass Entry Doors


Purchasing a door made from fiberglass gives you several more options in design and overall selection. Fiberglass entry doors are LEED compliant and paintable so they are safe and environmentally friendly. Whether choosing commercial fiberglass doors for a business or fiberglass home doors for added value to a residence, there are several advantages to selecting this type over the standard wood or steel door materials.


While it can be confusing when it comes to finding the right match for an entry door, knowing the facts can help simplify the process.


Commercial fiberglass doors


Protecting a business is more than just installing a high-tech security system, it also means making sure it is difficult for unwanted visitors to easily enter into the business through the doorways. Steel doors often come to mind as a way to keep predators out, while they can be durable, they have some disadvantages including:


•            Steel made doors can be easily dented

•            Subject to paint chips and scratches

•            Rust formation on damaged areas

•            Temperature sensitive and easily retain outdoor heat or cold


A steel door can become easily scarred, unlike a fiberglass door. It is very difficult to dent or punchture holes in a fiberglass door. Their longevity is based on holding the unit together as one piece and resisting rust and warped textures in the finish. Fiberglass doors are very resistant to rust and will only rust if they have hardware attached that is not rust proof.


It is easy to paint and finish the many styles of fiberglass doors to match the color of the exterior. Safety is not an issue with a fiberglass door because of the resistance to dents. This makes them a reasonable choice for any commercial business that wants to protect the building.


Fiberglass home doors


To add long lasting beauty to a home, a fiberglass home door is a good choice. The durability of fiberglass doors over wood doors is that they won’t warp and fade like wood. They don’t need any special type of polyurethane to protect the interior or exterior finish and are easy to stain or paint.


Most consumers choose fiberglass because of the ease of care. Other than keeping the door clean and free of caked-on debris, the fiberglass door needs little to no maintenance. Most doors come with a 30 year or longer guarantee to not buckle or warp; once they are installed they are in to stay.


Fiberglass as a green option over wood


Because green energy is so important, finding ways to help the environment as well as purchase more eco-friendly products for the home is essential to a sustainable lifestyle. Fiberglass home doors are very energy efficient and help to keep the hot or cold air out and the warm air in. They have a high insulating factor and are perfect for cold weather environments.


Other than their strength, durability, thermal efficiency and longevity, fiberglass doors are often made from recycled fiberglass particles. They are also LEED compliant and used as an energy efficient option in many new homes and building construction projects. LEED compliant energy sources are becoming not only options as we move into the future but requirements for many new construction applications.


Choosing the fiberglass option over wood or steel will benefit a building with immediate results. Forming a barrier from the outside to the inside, heating and cooling systems become twice as efficient, energy bills are curbed and the appearance of the home or building has been improved. Fiberglass entry doors embody elegance and style that can be matched by any other type of material, now and several years to come.







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    These are some excellent points you discussed about fiberglass doors. Good for newly built homes these tips will be very beneficial for the homeowners.

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