Locks -Keyless or keyed



When it is time to replace an entry lockset you have many choices.

Keypad lock with key override

Keypad lock with key override

Keyed lever locks, keyed knob locks, keypad locks that require you to have a code, card swipe locks and proximity reader locks. Keyed lever locksets are the most common and are available at most hardware stores including the big box guys. They are unlocked and relocked using a key.

Keyless locks have either a keypad or a proximity reader or a card swipe reader. All quality keyless locks will have a key override option available if you loose the card, proximity card or fob, or can’t remember the code for the keypad model. Keyless entry locks can save the information of who enters and when up to a few thousand if necessary. This is especially good if you are running a business and need to know who is coming in early or late and after normal business hours. It also can keep track of when someone tries to enter with the wrong code or an card that has been taken out of the system




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