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Hello, we are a commercial door and hardware service company servicing Spokane and the surrounding are of Eastern WA and Northern Idaho. We can repair or replace almost all man doors and the hardware that goes with them. One area that we are seeing more interest in is the sliding barn door systems used in bathrooms closets and pantrys. These are on almost all of the home improvement shows that are on tv these days. We have been installing and adjusting quite a few this past year. Here is a few that we installed in a orthopedic office recently. These doors have a very unique feature that allows the door to be shove with an elbow or foot and it slows the door down at about 6″ from the stop in either direction. Then when it is about 2″ away it pulls it the rest of the way closed.

Entry Door Repairs

Other repairs that almost always seem to be in high demand are the entry doors of storefronts. These doors take a lot of abuse in the winter with snow and ice and ice melt causing multiple problems that lead to failure of the hardware. The picture on the right shows a pair of doors that suffered through the winter. These are on a theatre entry. We also see a lot of hollow metal doors and frames needing repair after the season’s change in the pacific northwest. These are usually cracked weld joints or lockset that have rusted and were forced open causing damage to both the door and locks.

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Cell 509-993-2827


feel free to contact us for advice or quotes regarding repair work. We are available every day except Saturday. We also can make emergency after hours repairs to secure your building if it was damaged or broke into.

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